Cilajet is a Boeing approved, commercial aerospace product, which is now available to you through the automotive industry. Cilajet is a proven world-class aviation grade sealant. It is not like traditional car waxes or other coatings commonly used in automotive detailing. It is a true anti-corrosive sealant which, when professionally applied, bonds to painted and metal surfaces at the micron level, giving them a mirror-like finish. Cilajet's unique formula resists contaminants that may adhere to the surface of your vehicle. Examples of environmental hazards that can ruin the finish on a car are: bird droppings, tree sap, raw egg, hard water deposits, acid rain, bugs, rust cilajet is superior in its ability to protect your vehicle's paint and clear coat from all of these elements and more. When applied to aluminum, chrome and alloy wheels, cilajet helps resist brake dust build-up. Cilajet also offers the ultimate treatment for the interior of your vehicle with the best upholstery and floor mat protection, Cilajet Fab; and the finest leather and vinyl seat protection, Cilajet Hide.




This process removes all the minute contaminants from the surface of the paint. It thoroughly cleans the surface of your vehicle of small metal shavings, earth and dirt byproducts, brake and rail dust, and other contaminants that even a professional wash and wax cannot remove. This service results in an outstanding image.


Engine Detail

A clean engine allows your vehicle to run smoother and, most of all, look brand new again. A dirty engine runs hotter than a clean one. We pay special attention to water sensitive areas and polish all hoses, rubber, plastic, etc. to make your engine look like new.



Make dull, yellowed headlights look like new with this amazing service. It will clean, brighten and protect even the dullest headlights. This system brings back the appearance of headlight systems to their original factory-like condition and restores their most important function - the ability to illuminate. All at a fraction of the cost of replacement!


                             BEFORE                                                            AFTER

Tail light tinting

We take your factory tail lights and tint them with the same process that is used to paint your vehicle. Yes you can still see thru them and yes they are just as durable as the finish on your vehicle.